male [māl]
[ME < OFr male, masle < L masculus < mas (gen. maris), a male, man]
1. designating or of the sex that fertilizes the ovum of the female and begets offspring: biological symbol, ♂: cf. FEMALE
2. of, characteristic of, or suitable for members of this sex; masculine; virile
3. consisting of men or boys
4. designating or having a part shaped to fit into a corresponding hollow part (called female): said of pipe fittings, electric plugs, etc.
5. Bot.
a) having stamens or antheridia and no carpels, archegonia, or oogonia
b) designating or of a reproductive structure or part producing spermatozoids that can fertilize the female eggs
1. a male person; man or boy
2. a male animal or plant
SYN.- MALE is the basic term applied to members of the sex that is biologically distinguished from the female sex and is used of animals and plants as well as of human beings; MASCULINE is applied to qualities, such as strength and vigor, traditionally ascribed to men, or to things appropriate to men; MANLY suggests the noble qualities, such as courage and independence, that a culture ideally associates with a man who has maturity of character; MANNISH, used chiefly of women, is most often used derogatorily and implies the possession or adoption of the traits and manners thought to be more appropriate to a man; VIRILE stresses qualities such as robustness, vigor, and, specif., sexual potency, that belong to a physically mature man

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